Inward Connections The Brute 500 Opto- Limiter

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Inward Connections The Brute 500 Opto- Limiter

Inward Connections



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Love your 500 Series rack, but can't quite pull off that "high-end" vocal sound you hear in your head ?

Enter The Brute from Inward Connections. This 500 Series compressor/limiter is a gentle giant, adding substantial warmth and presence to your vocal. It helps bring out a breathy and airy quality while at the same time smoothing out peaks and bringing the vocal up to the front of the mix where it belongs. A monster on vocals but not to be overlooked on guitars, bass, and anywhere else an optical limiter can be of use.

Excels at giving you an up-front vocal sound
Inward Connections: boutique gear handmade in LA

Excels at giving you an up-front vocal sound
No frills here, just results. Send a vocal through The Brute and it'll sound like you've been working for days...or using gear many times more expensive. This optical limiter loves bringing vocals right up front in the mix, while retaining a smoothness and airiness, so you get just the right amount of squeeze. A VU meter is a nice addition for the 500 Series format, added to by a 250Hz highpass filter plus a link switch for when you can't get enough of The Brute.

Inward Connections: boutique gear handmade in LA
Initially one of LA's best-kept secrets, the word about Inward Connections has been sweeping the globe. After all, when you hear guys like Chris Lord-Alge and Eddie Kramer swearing by a brand, you know to pay attention. Dreamed up and designed by Steve Firlotte, a well-known LA tech, the Inward Connections line offers premium options for the discerning ear, all meticulously handmade in Firlotte's Los Angeles workshop.

Inward Connections The Brute features:

* 500 Series optical limiter
* Gain reduction control
* Zero adjust trim
* Output level control
* Highpass filter: 250Hz for detector circuit
* Bypass switch
* LED lighted VU meter
* VU meter output/reduction switch
* Link switch
* VF-600 all discrete legendary amp blocks
* Opto-cell reduction circuitry identical to Vac Rac tube limiter
* Balance input and output transformers
* Fits standard 500 Series slot configuration mechanically and electrically
* Powder coating in Gunmetal gray


* Gain Reduction: up to 40dB
* Input Impedance: >100K ohms balance
* Output Impedance: 600 ohms balance
* Frequency Response: +/- 0.5dB@20Hz to 50KHz
* Output Signal to Noise: -95dB or greater
* THD + Noise: .01%@1KHz/+4dBu
* Reserve Makeup Gain: +15dB



Autor: Holger Brinkmann am 12.06.2013

Kundenfeedback: .... den ausgezeichneten Klang bekomme ich mit Plugins so nicht hin.

Autor: Holger Brinkmann am 31.07.2012

Kundenmeinung die uns erreichte: Hi Holger, First impression..... amazing. I used it on vocal. Brauner VM1, Avedis Ma5, The Brute and RME on 192Khz. Best vocal chain I\'ve ever owned. Next step, B2 Bomber ADC. I\'ll let youy know when.

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